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In everybody's mouth, much talked about, too much, rated, sold, consumed and more and more grapes are made into wine. Some of the wines are celebrated and praised, others kicking up a row.
I would like to acquaint you with wines that have kept their originality and authenticity, which express their special uniqueness and are made by vintners fully dedicated to their trade. Vintners that give their wines all they have got, their heart and soul, taking account of nature, live with visions and do not merely run after quick profits.

Wine should be tasted and enjoyed be it with a meal, as an aperitif, at a picnic, in the candle light with a beloved person or simply out of pure joy, where and whenever; for wine inspires, animates, encourages and relaxes. Wine gives wings to our dreams and fantasies, makes us remember and share our best memories, stimulates and incites us to action, builds bridges between human beings and helps persons of different cultures to approach each other in joyful harmony and peace.

I offer you "my wines" with all my heart.

Mo Ruoff